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I recall times which I would hear the lullaby wow classic gold music coming from our baby's crib toy, only to realize it was turned off and I was apparently having an auditory hallucination. I normalize this psychotic experience by remembering that my best friend said she repeatedly experienced the exact same phenomenon during her son's infancy. This same friend also said there were times she could swear she was saying things out loud, but her husband and family would become frustrated because in actuality the words were only uttered in her mind she was just looking at them blankly in silence, literally too tired to speak. I was 5 months pregnant with Celeste, the first of our two amazing daughters (now ages 11 8). I was nauseous, emotional and fatigued. He just wanted to get out with his friends and I was feeling uncharacteristically needy. We argued and he left. I threw up and went to bed.

There's a lot of hype surrounding the newest and final installment of the Star Wars franchise but apparently some people don't agree with the notion of Star Wars being a great epic with cool special effects but I didn't know it was Satanic. I've seen some peculiar things out of folks in the name of religion and God. Is Star Wars the Revenge of the Sith or the Road to Hell. Please, follow along:

Williams alternates points of view, sometimes offering up Michael's remorse and other times taking us inside the mind of his wife Alese as well as Lisa, the cunning sexpot trying to break up their marriage. The couple's life is complicated by obstacles that arise to the finalizing of their adoption of two year old Bianca and by Alese's mother, who suffers yet another heart attack. While Alese flies to her mother's side, Lisa plots to turn a one night mistake into a divorce.

Check online and in your local stores.Liverpool Christmas market moving to St George Plateau in time for DreamWorks extravaganzaSomething for the really little ones here this fabulous Toot Toot Drivers advent calendar from VTech.Featuring 24 fun play pieces including a cute, interactive Toot Toot Drivers Truck, detachable trailer with SmartPoint location, Christmas decorations, road signs and lots more mini surprises.The box panel folds down to become a road so you can create your very own Toot Toot Christmas town.

Altogether the trio spent 164 days in space, 162 of those were aboard the ISS. Their Soyuz capsule had docked at the ISS on April 7, 2011 following a two day trip after liftoff on April 5 from the Baikonur Cosmodome aboard a capsule dubbed Gagarin. The spaceship was named in honor of Yuri Gagarin, first human to orbit the Earth on the 50th anniversary of his courageous one orbit flight in April 1961 that inaugurated the Era of human spaceflight.

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